Characterization of bacteriophage N3 DNA

E S Filipska, D J Moynet, F M DeFilippes
1981 Journal of Virology  
The DNA from Haemophilus influenzae temperate phage N3 was characterized by centrifugation and by electrophoresis after nuclease digestion. The doublestranded DNA, with a mass of 25.8 x 10i daltons, had single-strand cohesive ends. Strand association through cohesion was reduced by heat and removed by Si nuclease digestion. N3 DNA contained five EcoRI, one KpnI, two SacI, six XbaI, and four XhoI cleavage sites. The cohesive end segments were identified by heating the digests before
more » ... before electrophoresis. This was the first step in the construction of the physical maps of this DNA.
doi:10.1128/jvi.40.1.133-141.1981 fatcat:ltmcbykctrhpve2zchggqocr5m