Growth Judgment of Channa striatus fry fed with different live feeds

D Kumar, M Haniffa
2016 unpublished
Today live feed play a very specific role in the aquaculture industry. Various live feed organisms were distributed throughout the world. The live feed which enhance the growth of the fish larval stage and as well as to maintain the survival of the fish population. In the initial stage of the exogenous feeding the young ones, which advice to provide planton soup in a very small size its depending on the mouth size of the young ones. In our study, I have chosen the Murrels species Channa
more » ... which is commercially important fish one in India, That's why we prepared that species and provided the locally available live feed viz; Tubifix (D1) Chironomus larvae (D2) Beef liver (D3) Mosquito larvae (D4) and Plankton (D5) fed to the Channa striatus fry over a period of 45 days. Among the food Chironomus larvae was found to produce the best SGR (1.5290.052) Weight gain (919.0062.324) RGR % (9.1620.70) ADG (g/day) (0.08740.0013) Growth rate (%) (40.550.299) Survival % (96.664.714) and the poor growth parameters were recorded in Plankton soup (D5) respectively.