Review of the independent risk assessment of the proposed Cabrillo liquified natural gas deepwater port project [report]

Louis Alan Gritzo, Marion Michael Hightower, John Morgan Covan, Anay Josephine Luketa-Hanlin
2006 unpublished
In March 2005, the United States Coast Guard requested that Sandia National Laboratories provide a technical review and evaluation of the appropriateness and completeness of models, assumptions, analyses, and risk management options presented in the Cabrillo Port LNG Deepwater Port Independent Risk Assessment -Revision 1 (Cabrillo Port IRA). The goal of Sandia's technical evaluation of the Cabrillo Port IRA was to assist the Coast Guard in ensuring that the hazards to the public and property
more » ... m a potential LNG spill during transfer, storage, and regasification operations were appropriately evaluated and estimated. Sandia was asked to review and evaluate the Cabrillo Port IRA results relative to the risk and safety analysis framework developed in the recent Sandia report, "Guidance on Risk Analysis and Safety Implications of a Large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spill over Water". That report provides a framework for assessing hazards and identifying approaches to minimize the consequences to people and property from an LNG spill over water. This report summarizes the results of the Sandia review of the Cabrillo Port IRA and supporting analyses. Based on our initial review, additional threat and hazard analyses, consequence modeling, and process safety considerations were suggested. The additional analyses recommended were conducted by the Cabrillo Port IRA authors in cooperation with Sandia and a technical review panel composed of representatives from the Coast Guard and the California State Lands Commission. The results from the additional analyses improved the understanding and confidence in the potential hazards and consequences to people and property from the proposed Cabrillo Port LNG Deepwater Port Project. The results of the Sandia review, the additional analyses and evaluations conducted, and the resolutions of suggested changes for inclusion in a final Cabrillo Port IRA are summarized in this report. The U.S. Coast Guard was instrumental in providing funding, coordination, management, and technical direction. Special thanks for supporting our modeling, analysis, and technical evaluation efforts. To support the technical analysis required for this project, the authors worked with many organizations, including industry and state and federal agencies to collect background information on proposed system design and operations, and modeling concepts and approaches in order to assess potential LNG spill safety and risk implications.
doi:10.2172/877718 fatcat:vcttqkyb75cmbggjmraqhur7uu