Reported Mortality

1885 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
brought on hcernorrhage, and the woman was too weak to stand it. "Q. What is the proper course when the placenta resists traction upon the cord? A. To cause a pressure on the abdomen over the womb, rubbing and blowing, let the patient blow, the physician holding on to the cord. Q. What supposing it does not then yield ? A. Let it remain, as I did, that is the way physicians generally do. Q. How long? .1. From one day to four days, and sometimes a week, and sometimes let it decay and come away."
more » ... cay and come away." That on the second visit he stayed about two and onehalf hours and left the patient comfortable ; that he resorted to the means already mentioned, and the placenta still remaining undelivered he returned to town, six miles distant, leaving orders that if anything happened to send for him. " Q. Is it considered among physicians the proper thing to leave a woman in the condition you left that woman, so that you could not be recalled in less than fifty-two minutes? A. I considered it so." When asked further questions he refused to criminate himself. This evidence, together with the opinion of an eminent specialist, who said, after reading the view and autopsy : " I am compelled to state that in my opinion such neglect to deliver the afterbirth was either gross and criminal ignorance, or gross and criminal malpraxis " ; and the opinions of Dr.
doi:10.1056/nejm188511051131910 fatcat:gciiqxxhyfggjbwokspxtl364m