Parametric study of cascade and multi-stage vapor compressor refrigeration systems using a Matlab guide

Guillermo E. Valencia, Luis G. Obregon, Jorge Duarte
2018 Contemporary Engineerng Sciences  
This paper shows the application of a software tool to promote the significant learning in refrigeration cycles in undergraduate engineering students through case studies. To solve the case studies the tool calculates in MATLAB® the thermodynamic states and energy balances of the simple vapor refrigeration cycle, the cascade, multi-stage, and absorption refrigeration cycle. In the case of a simple refrigeration system, a proportional behavior between the COP and the compressor's work was
more » ... r's work was obtained as a function of the outlet temperature of the evaporator for compressor efficiencies of 100%, 80%, and 60%. In the case of the cascade refrigeration system, the behavior of both the energy consumed by the compressor and the thermal efficiency of the cycle is explained by the pressure at the inlet of the high compressor. In the multi-stage refrigeration cycle, the variation in the pressure of the flash chamber and the compressor efficiency did not affect the vapor fraction. Finally, the case studies obtained through the program facilitate the understanding of thermodynamic phenomena in refrigeration systems, which normally in a traditional classroom would require time and educational resources for their learning. 1262 Guillermo E. Valencia et al.
doi:10.12988/ces.2018.83115 fatcat:n5g74w6oaba7ll52pjiz66pqeq