ATRIAS: Design and validation of a tether-free 3D-capable spring-mass bipedal robot

Christian Hubicki, Jesse Grimes, Mikhail Jones, Daniel Renjewski, Alexander Spröwitz, Andy Abate, Jonathan Hurst
2016 The international journal of robotics research  
ATRIAS is a human-scale 3D-capable bipedal robot designed to mechanically embody the spring-mass model for dynamic walking and running. To help bring the extensive work on this theoretical model further into practice, we present the design and validation of a spring-mass robot that can operate in real-world settings (i.e. off-tether and without planarizing restraints). We outline the mechanisms and design choices necessary to meet these specifications, particularly ATRIAS' four-bar
more » ... c leg design. We experimentally demonstrate the following robot capabilities, which are characteristics of the target model. 1) We present the robot's physical capability for both grounded and aerial gaits, including planar walking and sustained hopping, while being more efficient than similarly gait-versatile bipeds. 2) The robot can be controlled by enforcing quantities derived from the simpler spring-mass model, such as leg angles and leg forces. 3) ATRIAS replicates the center-of-mass dynamics of human hopping and (novelly) walking, a key spring-mass model feature. Lastly, we present dynamically stable stepping in 3D without external support, demonstrating that this theoretical model has practical potential for real-world locomotion.
doi:10.1177/0278364916648388 fatcat:l6ge3cxq4zhldkzyyeti4zviqq