The Efficacy of Ostrich Antibodies to Dihydrotestosterone and 5α-Reductase in the Restoration of Hair Growth

Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, Barry Hendler, Stuart Greenberg, Carol Epstein
2019 Health (Irvine, Calif.)  
The hormone dihydro testosterone (DHT) and the catalyst 5α-reductase are key contributors to hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Also, dermal bacteria and their toxins have been implicated in hair loss. A preliminary study by the authors with six male volunteer subjects showed that ostrich antibodies against above causative substances were quite effective in promoting hair regrowth. The present study included 13 men and 4 women, with ages ranging from 39 to 78. Pre-and post-treatment
more » ... and post-treatment hair counts were also incorporated into the study procedure. In all instances but one, the subjects had a hair-growth effect about 3 months after the antibody was applied to the scalp, and the study participants with hair growth were pleased with the results and with the ease of use of the antibody solution. Health We have so far developed a method to promote hair growth by specifically suppressing hair loss-inducing factors using antibodies. Antibodies are immunoglobulins produced by β-cells when a foreign substance such as pathogens enters the body. The antibodies function to detoxify or eliminate the antigens. Antibodies can also be effective externally. The characteristic "antigen-antibody" reaction usually targets only the inducing antigen. Usually, therapeutic antibodies are produced in mice, rabbits or cultured cells, and their production costs are very high. As discussed in a previous article by the authors [9], birds produce an antibody form, immunoglobulin Y ("IgY"), which is passed into the yolk of their eggs [10]- [15] . The antibodies have been purified from egg yolk and applied to a wide range of pathogen targets, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Vibrio cholerae [15] [16].
doi:10.4236/health.2019.1110101 fatcat:ikpofututjcnlkglw63r4jynpa