Literarische Repräsentationen und (De-)Konstruktionen von Grenzen im globalen Raum

Gerlinde Steininger
2012 unpublished
This thesis is connected with current debates about the transformation of literature in the wake of those changes, which are subsumed mostly under the notion of 'globalization'. Discourses on globalization tend to negate borders and boundaries; but global literature, an auxiliary concept to which the analyzed novels "Trois femmes puissantes" (2009) by Marie NDiaye and "Burnt Shadows" (2009) by Kamila Shamsie are assigned, renders the manifold borders and boundaries of the world visible and
more » ... iates them at the same moment. Borders and boundaries as well as processes of border formations are in the center of these novels. But their distinct features lie in the connection of the topic of the global with that of the family and their feminist approach to symbolic borders. On the basis of the so-called border poetics and Jurij Lotman's narratology, this thesis attempts to develop a method for the analysis of borders and boundaries with the inclusion of cultural topics and issues on the planes of content and form of the literary text. The two first chapters discuss introductorily the notion of the global as well as of global literature and give a brief résumé of the current state of research in German literary studies concerning the border/boundary. A theoretical and methodical foundation is given in the next chapter that deals not only with the spatial turn and the etymology of 'Grenze', but also with the processes of border formation in those discourses that are relevant for the comparative analysis of the two novels: epistemology, political geography, psychology and sociology. Moreover, this chapter argues different concepts of the crossing of borders/boundaries and provides an introduction to the cultural narratology of Lotman and the principles of the border poetics. After the explanation of the global chronotope follows in the second part of the thesis the comparison of the novels, in which the borders and boundaries on the level of the text, the plot, the protagonists and the subject are analyzed in detail. It [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.24603 fatcat:vipctq7nznblvoz3ohpowaiwxe