Process of Overcoming Turnover Intention in Career Nurses

Ha Yoon Cheong, Sun Hee Yun
2013 Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing Administration  
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the process of overcoming the intention toward turnover experienced by career nurses. Methods: Data were collected from 10 career nurses though in-depth interviews about their experiences. The main question was "How do you describe your experience of the process of overcoming intention to turnover as a career nurse?" Qualitative data from field and transcribed notes were analyzed using Strauss & Corbin's grounded theory methodology. Results:
more » ... m the participants' statement, 127 concepts, 34 subcategories and 13 categories were extracted through the open coding process. The core category was discovered to be 'back to the original place'. Phenomenon was identified as 'reached the threshold that cannot be withstood' and this series of process was categorized as having four stages: 'conflict', 'meditation', 'discovery' and 'conquest'. There were three types of overcoming turnover intention in career nurses, 'adjustment', 'compromise', 'self-led'. Conclusion: The results of this study produced useful information about the needs of career nurses during the process of overcoming turnover intention based on their stage and overcoming types of turnover intension. Ultimately this study may help decrease the turnover intention of career nurses.
doi:10.11111/jkana.2013.19.3.414 fatcat:npexzbqfsbd4hanfv4juxvr2ce