Pengukuran Kapasitas Container Yard Menggunakan Yard Occupancy Ratio dalam Upaya Optimalisasi Penggunaan Lapangan Penumpukan Kontainer di PT XYZ

Somadi Somadi, Intan Dewi Permatasari, Rahmi Chintia
2020 Jurnal Logistik Indonesia  
PT. XYZ is a logistics service company engaged in freight forwarding services for ships / air ships and warehousing. In its operations, the company experienced a problem, namely the flow of containers that entered the company's container yard capacity experienced overcapacity. The purpose of this study was to deter-mine the results of the measurement of container yard capacity using the yard occupancy ratio at PT. XYZ This study uses the Yard Occupancy Ratio (YOR) method to determine the
more » ... etermine the capacity of the container yard, while for forecasting using moving averages and exponential smoothing. Meanwhile, to calculate forecast error using mean squared error and mean absolute percent error. Based on the results of measurements made that the results of forecasting container flows for July 2019 to December 2019 amounted to 1,487 containers, 1,493 con-tainers, 1,614 containers, 1,377 containers, 1,532 containers and 1,495 contain-ers, respectively. Based on the results of the YOR analysis that scenario 3 is the best scenario compared to scenario 1 and scenario 2, because it produces a low-er YOR value, namely for July 2019 at 45%, August 2019 at 45%, September 2019 at 48%, October 2019 at 41%, November 2019 at 46% and December 2019 at 45%. This means that by using the YOR method there will be no overcapasity in the future because the YOR value does not exceed 100%.
doi:10.31334/logistik.v4i1.868 fatcat:ghshq4mvkbfg5os2c3jlbt3vve