EP-1114: Clinical outcomes in modern management of infratentorial ependymoma

R. Allison, D. Remonde, S. Salenius, A. Hnatov, C. Ballenger, C. Mantz, E. Fernandez, D. Dosoretz, S. Finkelstein
2016 Radiotherapy and Oncology  
ESTRO 35 2016 S535 ________________________________________________________________________________ oligodendroglioma and the rest had GBM. There was a clear inverse correlation between Ki-67 percentage staining and overall survival. In patients with Ki-67 ≤ 30% (n=18), 5 year survival was approximately 50% compared to those with Ki-67 >30% (n= 60) with survival of 10% (logrank P-value 0.02, HR 0.39, 95% CI 0.17 -0.88). Conclusion: There appears to be a correlation between percentage staining
more » ... rcentage staining of Ki-67 and overall survival in patients with HGG. Percentage staining of Ki-67 > 30% appears to predict for poorer survival in HGG. Purpose or Objective:Background and purpose:In this retrospective evaluation, we correlated radiation dose parameters with occurrence of optical radiation-induced toxicities. Material and Methods : Patients and methods:213 meningiomapatientsreceived radiation between 2000 and 2013. Radiation dose and clinical datawere extracted from planning systems and patients' files. The range of follow-up period was 2-159 months (median:75 months). Results: Results:Median age of patients was 60 years (range: 23-86). There were163 female and 50 male patients. In 140 cases, at least one of the neuro-optic structures (optic nerves and chiasm) was inside the irradiatedtarget volumes. We found 15 dry eye (7%) and 24 cataract (11.2%) cases. Median dose to affected lachrymal glands was 1.47Gy and median dose to affected lenses was1.05Gy. Age and blood cholesterol level in patients with cataract were significantly higher. Patients with dry eye were significantly older. Only 2 patients with visual problems attributable to radiation treatment (RION) were seen. They did not have any risk factors. Maximum and median delivered doses to neuro-optic structures were not higher than 57.30Gy and 54.60Gy respectively.
doi:10.1016/s0167-8140(16)32364-7 fatcat:mm55vqowgzf2ddlisesch3l2ne