Semi analytical solution of a rigid pavement under a moving load on a Kerr foundation model

Buntara S. Gan, Sofia W. Alisjahbana, Irene Alisjahabana, Shota Kiryu
2018 Journal of Vibroengineering  
This paper analyzes the dynamic response of assumedly rigid road pavement under a constant velocity of traffic loads moving on its surface. The model of the rigid road pavement is a damped rectangular orthotropic plate which is supported by an elastic Kerr foundation. Semi-analytical solutions of the dynamic deflection of an orthotropic plate, with semi rigid boundary conditions are presented by using governing differential equations. The natural frequencies and mode shapes of the system are
more » ... f the system are then, solved by using the modified Bolotin method considering two transcendental equations as the results of solving the solution of two auxiliaries Levy's plate type problems. The moving traffic loads modeled by varying the amplitudes of dynamic transverse concentrated loads harmonically. Numerical studies on the soil types, foundation stiffness models, varying constant velocities and loading frequencies are conducted to show the effects of the dynamic response behaviors of the plates. The results show that the dynamic responses of the rigid road pavement influenced significantly by the type foundation stiffness models and velocity of the moving load.
doi:10.21595/jve.2018.20082 fatcat:agfaifwjlnfsfcdyestpzocg2i