Oceanisphaera psychrotolerans sp. nov., isolated from coastal sediment samples

Shan Zhou, Zhiyong Ruan, Xiang Guo, Delong Kong, Yanwei Wang, Xiaorong Chen, Huimin Wang, Mingxiong He, Kedong Ma, Bin Zhao
2015 International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology  
A novel aerobic, Gram-staining-negative bacterium, designated strain LAM-WHM-ZC T , was isolated from coastal sediment samples from the Bohai Sea, near Yantai, China. Cells of LAM-WHM-ZC T were non-motile, short-rod-or coccoid-shaped. The temperature and pH ranges for growth were 4-40 8C (optimum: 20-33 8C) and pH 5-9 (optimum: pH 7.5). The strain did not require NaCl for growth but tolerated up to 10 % NaCl (w/v). The major fatty acids of strain LAM-WHM-ZC T were summed feature 3, C 12 : 0 , C
more » ... 16 : 0 , summed feature 2 and summed feature 8. The predominant respiratory quinone was ubiquinone Q-8. The main polar lipids were diphosphatidyglycerol, phosphatigylethanolamine, phosphatidyglycerol, one phospholipid and four unidentified glycolipids. The DNA G+C content was 59.3 mol% as determined by the melting temperature (T m ) method. Analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence indicated that the isolate represented a member of the genus Oceanisphaera and was closely related to Oceanisphaera arctica KCTC 23013 T , Oceanisphaera litoralis DSM 15406 T , Oceanisphaera sediminis KACC 15117 T and Oceanisphaera donghaensis KCTC 12522 T with 97.7 %, 97.1 %, 96.6 % and 96.6 % sequence similarity, respectively. The DNA-DNA hybridization values between strain LAM-WHM-ZC T and the four reference strains were 47.4¡2.8 %, 33.5¡2.2 %, 28.4¡1.8 % and 13.7¡0.8 %, respectively. Based on its phenotypic and genotypic properties, strain LAM-WHM-ZC T is suggested to represent a novel species of the genus Oceanisphaera, for which the name Oceanisphaera psychrotolerans sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is LAM-WHM-ZC T (5ACCC 06516 T 5JCM 30466 T ).
doi:10.1099/ijs.0.000331 pmid:25991663 fatcat:tyfwbocpyjdu5bsdvku5lqjohq