CXLIII.—Some derivatives of desylamine

Alex. McKenzie, Fred Barrow
1913 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
FOR some time back the authors have been engaged in the examination of certain desylamine derivatives in connexion with an investigation, which is a t present in progress, on the optically active modifications of the base. Desylamine hydrochloride was prepared by Gabriel and Neumanri (Bey., 1890, 23, 995) from desylphthalamic acid, but the isolation of the salt was accomplished with some difficulty. The free base was characterised by means of its platinichloride and picrate. Braun's attempts t
more » ... Braun's attempts t o isolate the base (Ber., 1889, 22, 557) met with 110 success, owing t o its instability. On the other hand, Pschorr and Briiggemann (Bey., 1902, 35, 2740) were successful in obtaining the pure base from the hydrochloride, which they prepared by modifying Braun's method of reducing beuzilmonoxime by stannous chloride. The classical researches of Gabriel on amino-ketones have shown that these compounds can be prepared by the application of the Friedel-Crafts' method to the phthalyl derivatives of a.mino-acid
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