1S-2S energy shift in muonic hydrogen

R. N. Faustov, A. A. Krutov, A. P. Martynenko, F. A. Martynenko, O. S. Sukhorukova, A. Malakhov, S. Bondarenko, V. Burov
2019 EPJ Web of Conferences  
We calculate corrections of orders α4, α5, α6 to the (1S – 2S) fine structure interval in muonic hydrogen (μp), muonic tritium (μt) and muonic helium ion $$((\mu _2^3He) + )$$. They are determined by the effects of vacuum polarization, nuclear structure and recoil and relativistic corrections. The nuclear structure effects are taken into account in terms of the charge radii of the nuclei in one-photon interaction and in terms of electromagnetic form-factors in the case of two-photon
more » ... -photon interaction. The obtained results for the (1S – 2S) splitting can be used for a comparison with future experimental data.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201920405005 fatcat:sdtuervroffstk5as74dcggnpi