Pollution Control of Nitrate-Selective Membrane by the Inner Solution and On-site Monitoring of Nitrate Concentration in Soil

Eisaku Nakao, Yuki Kitazumi, Kenji Kano, Osamu Shirai
2020 Analytical Sciences  
A liquid-membrane type nitrate-selective electrode was improved to lower the influence of contaminants by modifying its inner electrode system from Ag|AgCl|Clto Ag|Ag + . The NO3 --selective electrode displayed a linear response to the concentration of NO3with a Nernstian slope of -53 ± 1 mV decade -1 , in the concentration region between 10 -5 and 2 mol dm -3 (M). The NO3detection limit was about 10 -5 M. The electrochemical response of this electrode was stable for more than 30 days. The
more » ... n 30 days. The deterioration in responding characteristics due to the coexistence of Cl − was suppressed by use of the Ag|Ag + redox couple in the absence of Cl − inside the NO3 --selective electrode.
doi:10.2116/analsci.20p323 pmid:33132233 fatcat:cago7hyod5bkpa3frzzmgyuwxy