Itala nam tellus Graecia maior erat [article]

Ulrich Schmitzer, Isabel Toral-Niehoff, Almut-Barbara Renger, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin
The imaginary map of ancient Italy is defined by mythical wanderings that originate prima- rily with the events surrounding the Trojan War. The conflict between Greeks and Trojans is thereby quelled and a new synthesis achieved. Due to the extent of the surviving records this process can be studied particularly closely in the case of Rome (with the 'founding fathers' Euander, Aeneas and Romulus), but it holds as well for other Italian cities. In a number of cases it is even possible to identify
more » ... ossible to identify the relevant local traditions. By contrast, there are hardly any examples of autochtonic conceptions or notions of cultural independence from Greece.
doi:10.18452/5282 fatcat:hust4bxnkzabvhksepzfpydioi