Łukasz Wzorek, Marcel Wiewióra, Mateusz Wędrychowicz, Tomasz Skrzekut, Piotr Noga, Jakub Wiewióra, Wojciech Sajdak, Maria Richert
2016 Metallurgy and Foundry Engineering  
Effect of rapid solidification aluminum alloys with different Si contents on mechanical properties and microstructure Wpływ szybkiej krystalizacji stopów aluminium z różną zawartością Si na własności mechaniczne oraz mikrostrukturę Abstract Rapid solidification is a relatively new and effective way of producing ultrafine-grained UFG aluminum alloys with enhanced mechanical properties. Due to a significant cooling rate close to nearly 10 6 K/s, it is possible to obtain a material with grain size
more » ... ial with grain size far below 100 nm. In the present study, RS aluminum alloys with an Si content in a range of 5-10 wt% were produced during melt spinning. As a result, materials in the form of ribbons were produced. The as-received flakes were subjected to cold pressing into cylindrical billets with a diameter of 40 mm. Hot extrusion of pre-compacted material was subsequently performed at a temperature of 450°C with a press ram speed of 3 mm/s and extrusion ratio of λ = 25. In this work, the influence of brittle phases on the mechanical properties of as-extruded rods will be examined. Both tensile and microhardness tests were performed in order to determine the mechanical properties of the obtained profiles. It has been shown that brittle-phase refinement during melt spinning significantly influences the mechanical properties of the tested materials.
doi:10.7494/mafe.2016.42.3.179 fatcat:iuutqnwiuzdyll72fk3ky73ztm