Hybrid Anglo-Japanese loans in Korean

1997 Linguistics  
The paper discusses, categorizes, and explains the phenomenon of "hybrid" loans in Korean, whereby a loan-word reflects the phonology/morphology of not one but two languages simultaneously. One well-known form of hybrid loan is that of the great number of Sino-Japanese neologisms that, through Korea and Japans shared use of Chinese characters, have been copied orthographically but not phonetically into Korean. In addition, many of the large numbers of English words that have entered Korean
more » ... ay phonological or morphological influence from Japanese in some respects but are nevertheless hybrid loans in that, although some features can only be accounted for through borrowing from Japanese, other features of the same words can only be accounted for through direct borrowing from English.
doi:10.1515/ling.1997.35.1.133 fatcat:rfazycaaybhxjokv5b6zw5fuoq