Religion and Giving for International Aid: Evidence from a Survey of U.S. Church Members

A. Schnable
2014 Sociology of religion  
This article investigates the relationship between two well-documented patterns in charitable giving: the positive relationship between religion and generosity and the growth in the numbers of, and donations to, international aid organizations. I discuss three modes by which religion shapes Americans' preferences on international aid: values, social norms, and exposure to need. Using a 2005 national survey of church members, I find that (1) altruistic values, congregational social ties, and
more » ... ocial ties, and exposure to international needs through one's congregation all are associated with giving to international causes; (2) individuals with more frequent attendance, those with more social ties in the congregation, and evangelicals and black Protestants are significantly more likely to prefer church over government aid; and (3) aid organizations affiliated with a religious tradition enjoy an "in-group" advantage in support.
doi:10.1093/socrel/sru037 fatcat:tsgvfzqoebaw5lom4znkuccnlq