On Equitable Coloring of Book Graph Families

M. BARANI, Venkatachalam M, K. RAJALAKSHMI
2020 Communications Faculty Of Science University of Ankara Series A1Mathematics and Statistics  
A proper vertex coloring of a graph is equitable if the sizes of color classes di¤er by atmost one. The notion of equitable coloring was introduced by Meyer in 1973. A proper h colorable graph K is said to be equitably h-colorable if the vertex sets of K can be partioned into h independent color classes V 1 ; V 2 ; :::; V h such that the condition jjV i j jV j jj 1 holds for all different pairs of i and j and the least integer h is known as equitable chromatic number of K. In this paper, we
more » ... this paper, we ...nd the equitable coloring of book graph, middle, line and central graphs of book graph.
doi:10.31801/cfsuasmas.769094 fatcat:72cvi5jcqbghtmov3dvaaeixji