LXII.—Water of crystallisation

W. W. J. Nicol
1886 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
A PAPER with the above title appears on pp. 411-432 of this volume of the Society's Transactions ; and in it Professor Pickering endeavours to show that experiment does not really war]-ant the generally accepted view that in the heptahydrated magnesian sulphates one of the water molecules (water of constitution) stands in a relation to the salt different from the other six. In the course of the paper, Professor Pickering adversely criticises the deductions made by me from experiments on the
more » ... eriments on the molecnlar volume of dissolved salts (YhiE. Mag., 1883, 121 ; 1884, 179). That water of crystallisation occupies the same volume as solvent water when the salt is dissolved ; but on the other hand water of constitution has a molecular volume markedly different from that of solvent water, consequently it is probable that water of crystallisation does not exist in solution, and that water of constitution does remain ,attached t o the salt. The first ground of complaint is that the data are insufficient. But my results for water of crystallisation are not only numerous, comprising 23 pairs of salts,
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