Experimental investigation on cryogenic assisted abrasive aqua jet machining of die steel
Eksperimentalno istraživanje kriogeno potpomognute obrade čelika za kalupe abrazivnim vodenim mlazom

Dinesh Suppan, Ravichandran Thillaigovindan, Yuvaraj Natarajan
2020 FME Transaction  
This paper reports the investigation on parametric optimization of the abrasive aqua jet (AAJ) and cryogenic assisted abrasive aqua jet (CAAAJ) processes for cutting AISI D2 steel using multi objective TOPSIS approach. The input parameters considered were aqua jet pressure, abrasive grit size and jet impingement angle. In this study, depth of penetration, metal removal rate, kerf taper ratio and average roughness were taken as the performance characteristics. The results showed that the CAAAJ
more » ... ed that the CAAAJ process exhibited better performance characteristics than the AAJ process. The AAJ machining process with an inclined jet impact angle influences the output responses, which is evident from an optimal selection of parameters. Besides, the influencing process variables were determined by using the analysis of variance. The overall machining performance of the AAJ and CAAAJ processes were improved by using the optimum process variables through the TOPSIS method.
doi:10.5937/fme2004954k fatcat:yahyc4w2nfashbpmibrnhojpjy