Bottom Gate Voltage Dependent Threshold Voltage Roll-off of Asymmetric Double Gate MOSFET
하단게이트 전압에 따른 비대칭 이중게이트 MOSFET의 문턱전압이동 의존성

Hakkee Jung
2014 The Journal of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering  
This paper has analyzed threshold voltage roll-off for bottom gate voltages of asymmetric double gate(DG) MOSFET. Since the asymmetric DGMOSFET is four terminal device to be able to separately bias for top and bottom gates, the bottom gate voltage influences on threshold voltage. It is , therefore, investigated how the threshold voltage roll-off known as short channel effects is reduced with bottom gate voltage. In the pursuit of this purpose, off-current model is presented in the subthreshold
more » ... n the subthreshold region, and the threshold voltage roll-off is observed for channel length and thickness with a parameter of bottom gate voltage as threshold voltage is defined by top gate voltage that off-currnt is     per channel width. As a result to observe the threshold voltage roll-off for bottom gate voltage using this model, we know the bottom gate voltage greatly influences on threshold voltage roll-off voltages, especially in the region of short channel length and thickness. 키워드 : 비대칭 이중게이트 MOSFET, 문턱전압이동, 하단 게이트 전압, 단채널효과 Key word : asymmetric DGMOSFET, threshold voltage roll-off, bottom gate voltage, short channel effect Journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering
doi:10.6109/jkiice.2014.18.6.1422 fatcat:tbbc53op3rbpnk45v46yeyu62e