Method of measuring non-equilibrium carriers concentration and their lifetime in a semiconductor using the approach of a photonic crystal with a defect mode

B. Chernyshov, R. Golovaschenko, V. Derkach, S. Tarapov
The purpose of this paper is an experimental investigation of the influence of properties of the silicon defect layer in a dielectric photonic crystal on the transmission peak spectral properties. The influence of the defect layer thickness on the defect mode frequency is shown. The possibility of changing characteristics of transmission peak by green laser illumination of the silicon layer is demonstrated and analyzed using a photonic crystal approach. It is experimentally found that
more » ... ound that illumination leads to a decrease of transmission coefficient value at the defect mode frequency, but does not lead to a change of this peak frequency. The non-equilibrium carriers concentration and their lifetime have been evaluated. The results of this paper can be used in manufacturing controllable circuits in millimeter waveband and the approach can be used in semiconductors manufacture as non-destructive control of semiconductors properties method. Fig. 6 . Bibl.: 17 titles.
doi:10.15407/rej2017.04.049 fatcat:bk3msyehejarbmqsihnfedcbii