Estudio experimental de perfiles de temperatura en elementos de fábrica cerámica sometidos a altas temperaturas

M. E. Maciá, A. Rolando
2013 Materiales de Construccion  
This article discusses heat transfer through a brick element in order to know the thermal behavior of onedimensional brickwork masonry samples exposed to high temperatures. The object of the tests is to build time-temperature curves according to different thermal steps in transient to experimentally determine the temperature profiles in the interior of a wall. Through this study, it is possible to demonstrate absolute moisture of a factory item from 300 °C (variation of temperatures in the
more » ... ratures in the interior of the element), avoid the associated phenomenon of evaporation of water during the thermal process as well as to obtain profiles of temperatures that help calculate the cross section of a factory element subjected to high temperatures.
doi:10.3989/mc.2013.05312 fatcat:7sg67ocyzzbmfpfrccpgh2k7nm