Upgrading a Transmission SAX/WAX Beamline to Allow High Quality GISAX/GIWAX Experiments for Soft Matter Thin Films

Andrew Marshall, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
The project required a sample environment to deliver experiments in vacuum or helium, with high humidity, including capacity to use aggressive solvents. The compact, transportable system incorporates a high precision in-vacuum manipulator/ positioning stage (with repeatability better than1 μm/ 1 mdeg) allowing for multiple sample configurations. Current sample mounts include in-situ film formation (Doctor Blade), thermal annealing/drying heater stage, sample cooling and multiple sample stages;
more » ... ple sample stages; the system has been designed to accommodate many sample substrate formats. The existing end station camera system has been upgraded to include two, in-vacuum, WAXS and SAXS area detectors, which are custom builds based on the Pilatus 6M. The SAX detector module includes three in vacuum, independent ,configurable SAXS beam stop manipulators to block GISAXS transmitted, reflected and specular flare as well as isotropic and anisotropic SAX, a photon sensitive detector shutter plate is included. The 4 mm diameter tungsten beamstops each include a miniature photodiode to measure beam intensity and can be positioned to within 10 μm precision in X and Y over 300 mm x 250 mm motion range.
doi:10.18429/jacow-medsi2016-thaa04 fatcat:pj72ekwhzbcmfblezni5ghhx4u