Dian Ramli, Ayun Sriatmi, Antono Suryoputro, Bagian Administrasi, Kebijakan Kesehatan, Kesehatan Fakultas, Masyarakat
2018 unpublished
Gasurkes KIA duty to provide counseling, record and assist all pregnant women and postpartum mothers in Semarang City. Achievement of Gasurkes KIA Performance in January to October 2016 is data collection of pregnant women 66.09%, postnatal data collection 47,51%, counseling 102,9%, average frequency of pregnant woman assistance amount 2-4 times, average frequency the number of postpartum maternal care 3-4 times. The lowest achievement is in the performance of Gasurkes KIA in assisting pregnant
more » ... women. This study aims to determine the factors associated with the performance of Gasurkes KIA in implementing maternity assistance in the city of Semarang. This research uses quantitative method with cross sectional approach. The sample was 124 maternal and child health surveillance officers from a total of 179 maternal and child health survey officers. Univariate analysis was conducted to describe the characteristics of respondents, age and education of Gasurkes KIA, dependent variable in the form of performance and independent variables such as attitude, experience, family support, motivation, knowledge, leadership of Coordinating Midwife, Semarang City Health Office leadership, compensation or reward and infrastructure of Gasurkes KIA. Bivariate analysis was done by using chi square test. The result of bivariate analysis shows that there is a relation between attitude (p = 0,000), experience (p = 0,026) and family support (p = 0,011) with performance of maternal and child health surveillance officer in implementing maternal assistant. While the unrelated factors were knowledge (p = 0,219), motivation (p = 0,340), leadership of midwife coordinator (p = 0,938), leadership of Semarang City Health Office (p = 0,717), compensation (p = 0,763) and infrastructure p = 0.711). Recommended to the Health Office to reactivate supervision and to provide appropriate and timely remuneration and rights to maternal and child health surveillance officers.