Efficient two-electron ansatz for benchmarking quantum chemistry on a quantum computer

Scott E. Smart, David A. Mazziotti
2020 Physical Review Research  
Quantum chemistry provides key applications for near-term quantum computing, but these are greatly complicated by the presence of noise. In this work we present an efficient ansatz for the computation of two-electron atoms and molecules within a hybrid quantum-classical algorithm. The ansatz exploits the fundamental structure of the two-electron system, and treating the nonlocal and local degrees of freedom on the quantum and classical computers, respectively. Here the nonlocal degrees of
more » ... m scale linearly with respect to basis-set size, giving a linear ansatz with only O(1) circuit preparations required for reduced state tomography. We implement this benchmark with error mitigation on two publicly available quantum computers, calculating accurate dissociation curves for 4- and 6- qubit calculations of H_2^ and H_3^+.
doi:10.1103/physrevresearch.2.023048 fatcat:ww2b7q2syzgctf6bcplnpx6ice