Inverse filtering for time, delay and integration X-ray imaging

M. Rosenbaum, W. Sauer-Greff, R. Urbansky
2011 Advances in Radio Science  
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> In food industry, most finished products are scanned by X-ray for contaminations. These X-ray machines continuously scan the product passing through. To minimize the required X-ray power, a Time, Delay and Integration (TDI) CCD sensor is used to capture the image. While the product moves across the sensor area, the angle of the X-rays changes during the pass. This can be compensated for by adjusting the sensor shift speed to focus on a single plane of the product.
more » ... ne of the product. If the product has a significant thickness, the image will show artifacts due to the laminographic effect. In this contribution we demonstrate that by the use of inverse filtering images which are focused on planes of different height can be generated out of a single X-ray image.</p>
doi:10.5194/ars-9-135-2011 fatcat:kqsta75yvzafvlqyityfyjcdiu