Light sources immunity to short voltage dips and interruptions

J. Drapela, J. Bok, J. Slezingr, J. Pithart
2009 IET Conference Publications   unpublished
The short voltage dip is a short duration sudden reduction of RMS voltage and as the two dimensional electromagnetic disturbance, depth and duration time is used for its description. So a dip shape is a priori assumed to be a rectangular. Subsequently, the short voltage interruption is the short duration voltage dip to zero value. It is selfevident that no electric appliance can work continuously if its supply is interrupted. In the case of lamps, such voltage event bigger than their immunity
more » ... an their immunity level causes their restart with reduction in level of output luminous flux to zero for a restart period or just excessive or disturbing reduction in light level . Moreover in the worst case, it can leads also to their damage.
doi:10.1049/cp.2009.0837 fatcat:npmigolpbzctxlh25zppbr7qia