Eutectic Phenomenon of LiNH2-KH Composite in MH-NH3 Hydrogen Storage System

Kiyotaka Goshome, Ankur Jain, Hiroki Miyaoka, Hikaru Yamamoto, Yoshitsugu Kojima, Takayuki Ichikawa
2019 Molecules  
Hydrogenation of a lithium-potassium (double-cation) amide (LiK(NH2)2), which is generated as a product by ammonolysis of litium hydride and potassium hydride (LiH-KH) composite, is investigated in details. As a result, lithium amide (LiNH2) and KH are generated after hydrogenation at 160 °C as an intermediate. It is noteworthy that the mixture of LiH and KNH2 has a much lower melting point than that of the individual melting points of LiNH2 and KH, which is recognized as a eutectic phenomenon.
more » ... utectic phenomenon. The hydrogenation temperature of LiNH2 in the mixture is found to be significantly lower than that of LiNH2 itself. This improvement of reactivity must be due to kinetic modification, induced by the enhanced atomic mobility due to the eutectic interaction.
doi:10.3390/molecules24071348 fatcat:buaiynza3radrhz4a4fropsizu