Large-scale EST Sequencing

Jade Buchanan-Carter, Zach Smith, Zuojian Tang
2007 CGB Technical Report  
2 This method assumes that the appropriate samples have been colony picked and arrayed into 384-well plates as individual glycerol stocks. Also, a uniform naming convention has been adopted to ensure correct tracking of all samples as they proceed through this protocol. All samples from a glycerol stock 384-well plate are split up into 4 x 96-well plates. The 384-well plates are broken into 4 quadrants that will be associated to a particular 96-well plate. As an example, Figure 2 shows how each
more » ... quadrant is defined. If the 384-well plate is named CGB_1 then the subsequent 96-well plates will be labeled CGB_1A, CGB_1B, CGB_1C, and CGB_1D. Figure 2 : A 384-well plate will be transferred into 4 x 96-well plates. This means that the 384-well plate will be broken into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant will be associated to 1 x 96-well plate. 'A' represents the top-left quadrant, 'B' represents the top-right quadrant, 'C' represents the lower-right quadrant, and 'D' represents the lower-left quadrant.
doi:10.2506/cgbtr-200703 fatcat:4qqum3nkfja5bjv6dmftbfn4ne