The Reminding Words Evaluation Method for Icon Design
연상단어 평가를 통한 아이콘 디자인 연구

Kwang Soo Ha
2014 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
As the importance of interface became emphasized recently, function of icon as an element that helps operation and formative function as an aesthetic element are becoming emphasized. Specially, various research methodologies for measuring the understanding degree of users are being attempted in functional aspect, however, they are facing limitations as user evaluation method of quantitative investigation for statistical analysis became overly dependent on the consent from majority. To overcome
more » ... ority. To overcome such limitation, a methodology of measuring sensibility as aesthetic impression or individuality based on the system of emotion or system of understanding of users and designing icon based on the measurement is being attempted continuously. Therefore, this study suggested an evaluation method using reminding words and conducted an empirical study to apply results on the icon design by applying the evaluation method on icon design of printing products to measure the user sensibility and understanding level. Through this process, this study intended to research summaries on the design evaluation method which based on the evaluation of user sensibility and understanding level and to debate effective design methodologies through the process of applying these summaries on the project. The intention was to progress discussion from practical application perspectives apart from the textbook type discussion by applying a research methodology through concrete cases. This study objectified sensibility and understanding level of users in the icon design aspect, suggested a methodology that can be applied on the design, and it is expected to be used when progressing the icon and GUI design. ■ keyword :|Icon Design|Evaluation|Reminding Word|User Value|User Experience|
doi:10.5392/jkca.2014.14.10.064 fatcat:bjbufwvwurfi3cg46apr4xvtgm