Prototypes of risk-based flood forecasting systems in the Netherlands and Italy

D. Bachmann, D. Eilander, A. de Leeuw, K. de Bruijn, F. Diermanse, A. Weerts, J. Beckers, M. Lang, F. Klijn, P. Samuels
2016 E3S Web of Conferences  
Flood forecasting, warning and emergency response are important components of flood management. Currently, the model-based prediction of discharge and/or water level in a river is common practice for operational flood forecasting. Based on the prediction of these values decisions about specific emergency measures are made within emergency response. However, the information provided for decision support is often restricted to pure hydrological or hydraulic aspects of a flood. Information about
more » ... Information about weak sections within the flood defences, flood prone areas and assets at risk in the protected areas are rarely used in current early warning and response systems. This information is often available for strategic planning, but is not in an appropriate format for operational purposes. This paper presents the extension of existing flood forecasting systems with elements of strategic flood risk analysis, such as probabilistic failure analysis, two dimensional flood spreading simulation and the analysis of flood impacts and consequences. This paper presents the first results from two prototype applications of the new developed concept: The first prototype is applied to the Rotterdam area situated in the western part of the Netherlands. The second pilot study focusses on a rural area between the cities of Mantua and Ferrara along the Po river (Italy).
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20160718018 fatcat:xbw6j27ya5cgxbwvhu7qea6yzi