To Сalculation of Shock Vibration Suppressors of Unilateral Action

G.A. Timofeev, I.E. Lyuminarskiy, S.E. Lyuminarskiy
2019 Herald of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Series Mechanical Engineering  
Keywords The method of calculation of shock spring vibration suppressors of unilateral action at harmonic disturbance is considered. The problems arising at mathematical model operation of such systems are noted. In the available techniques, usually assume that during change of external indignation there is one impact of an object and a suppressor. Cases in which it is impossible to use the specified assumption are given. The calculation algorithm considering a possibility of several impacts
more » ... several impacts for one frequency period is offered. Laws of motion of an object and suppressor are defined by addition of the equations of the compelled and free fluctuations. The stereomechanical model of blow is applied to accounting of shock interaction of bodies. The technique allows calculating time between impacts, the period of change of coordinates of bodies and the number of impacts for frequency period. The example of a duty of a shock suppressor at which for frequency period there are several impacts of an object and suppressor is given Shock vibration suppressor, free fluctuations, forced oscillations, coefficient of restitution, characteristic equation, partial frequency
doi:10.18698/0236-3941-2019-1-90-100 fatcat:ljbyeyebnrhczipz32nkryxrby