Carbon-Carbon bond forming reactions of organotransition metal enolate complexes

E. R. Burkhardt, J. J. Doney, G. A. Slough, J. M. Stack, C. H. Heathcock, R. G. Bergman
1988 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Metal enolates play an important role in stereoselective organic synthesis. Their chemistry is affected profoundly by the metal counterion associated with the enolate fragment. In order to expand the potential of replacing main group with transition metal moieties in such species, methods have been developed for the synthesis of a number of stable, characterizable "late" transition metal ql-(C)-enolate complexes having the general structure LM-CH2COR (M = Mo, W, Re). The chemistry of these
more » ... istry of these materials (e.g., functional transformations of the organic carbonyl group, transfer of the enolate moietry to organic substrates such as aldehydes and alkynes) has been investigated. The scope and mechanisms of the enolate reactions will be discussed in detail.
doi:10.1351/pac198860010001 fatcat:ovsfgwf5gna4panxs6igiojuua