Conditioned flavor aversions to familiar tap water in rats: An adjustment with implications for aversion therapy treatment of alcoholism and obesity

Ralph L. Elkins
1974 Journal of Abnormal Psychology  
Conditioned flavor aversions, readily established in rats by pairing a novel palatable flavor with radiation-induced or drug-induced illness, are highly efficient adjustments with implications for the treatment of alcoholism and obesity. Recent experiments show that such aversion acquisition is diminished by preconditioning familiarity with the conditioned stimulus (CS) flavor. However, these studies involved single pairings of the target flavor with postingestional illness. In the present
more » ... In the present experiment, multiple conditioning trials and discrimination training were combined to produce a marked aversion to a highly familiar and relatively bland substance, plain tap water. This conditioned water aversion demonstrates the transient nature of the CS familiarity effect, thus weakening any contention that preconditioning exposure to target flavors will necessarily render aversion therapy for alcoholism or obesity ineffective.
doi:10.1037/h0036867 fatcat:g4je3zfrnnfrpn7imwrq3lhrue