An Open Source, Extensible Malware Analysis Platform

P. Michalopoulos, V. Ieronymakis, M.T. Khan, D. Serpanos, S. Pantelakis, S. Koubias
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
A malware (such as viruses, ransomware) is the main source of bringing serious security threats to the IT systems and their users now-adays. In order to protect the systems and their legitimate users from these threats, anti-malware applications are developed as a defense against malware. However, most of these applications detect malware based on signatures or heuristics that are still created manually and are error prune. Some recent applications employ data mining and machine learning
more » ... ues to detect malware automatically. However, such applications fail to classify them appropriately mainly because they suffer from high rate of false alarms on the one hand and being retrospective, fail to detect new unknown threats and variants of known malware on the other hand. Since anti-malware vendors receive a huge number of malware samples every day, there is an urgent need for malware analysis tools that can automatically detect malware rigorously, i.e. eliminating false alarms. To address these issues and challenges of current malware detection and analysis approaches, we propose a novel, open source and extensible platform (based on set of tools) that allows to combine various malware detection techniques to automatically detect/classify a malware more rigorously. The developed platform can be fed with malware samples from different providers and will enable the development of effective classification schemes and methods, which are not sufficiently effective without collaboration and the related sample aggregation. Furthermore, such collaborative platforms in cybersecurity enable efficient sharing of information (e.g., about new identified threats) to all collaborators and sharing of appropriate defences against them, if such defences exist.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201818805009 fatcat:6dkvnl3ppvcx7ismfznycjy54q