Thermolysereaktionen der donorfreien Silanimine tBu2Si=N-SiRtBu2 (R = tBu, Ph) / Thermolysis Reactions of Donor-free Silanimines tBu2Si=N-SiRtBu2 (R = tBu, Ph)

Hans-Wolfram Lerner, Inge Sänger, Michael Bolte, Matthias Wagner
2010 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
The donor-free silanimines tBu2Si=N-SiRtBu2 (R = tBu, Ph), which are prepared from tBu2ClSiN3 and NaSiRtBu2 at −78 ◦C inBu2O, decompose in benzene at room temperature with the formation of isobutene. Products of ene reactions of isobutene and tBu2Si=N-SiRtBu2 (R = tBu, Ph) are formed. X-Ray quality crystals of H2C=C(CH2SitBu2-NH-SiPhtBu2)2 (monoclinic, space group C2/c, Z = 4) were grown from a benzene solution at ambient temperature, whereas single crystals of H2C=C(CH2SitBu2-NH-SitBu3)2
more » ... 2-NH-SitBu3)2 (monoclinic, space group P21, Z = 2) were obtained by recrystallization from THF
doi:10.1515/znb-2010-0112 fatcat:xx47jjird5edzc4uh7kva6zcza