An Algorithm of Curved Hull Plates Classification for the Curved Hull Plates Forming Process
곡가공 프로세스를 고려한 곡판 분류 알고리즘

Ja-Ckyou Noh, Jong-Gye Shin
2009 Journal of the Society of Naval Architects of Korea  
In general, the forming process of the curved hull plates consists of sub tasks, such as roll bending, line heating, and triangle heating. In order to complement the automated curved hull forming system, it is necessary to develop an algorithm to classify the curved hull plates of a ship into standard shapes with respect to the techniques of forming task, such as the roll bending, the line heating, and the triangle heating. In this paper, the curved hull plates are classified by four standard
more » ... apes and the combination of them, or saddle, convex, flat, cylindrical shape, and the combination of them, that are related to the forming tasks necessary to form the shapes. In preprocessing, the Gaussian curvature and the mean curvature at the mid-point of a mesh of modeling surface by Coon's patch are calculated. Then the nearest neighbor method to classify the input plate type is applied. Tests to verify the developed algorithm with sample plates of a real ship data have been performed. ※Keywords: Curved hull plates forming(곡가공), Curved hull plates classification(곡판 분류), Pattern recognition(패턴 인식), Nearest neighborhood method(최근접이웃법)
doi:10.3744/snak.2009.46.6.675 fatcat:n5lbkjjtzfbovgqpsuq3i2vaga