The estimation of alcohol and ether in the presence of petroleum ether

H. Droop Richmond
1899 The Analyst  
SOME time ago I found that mixtures of ether and petroleum ether containing some alcohol were accumulating in the laboratory, and I wished to know the proportions of each, with a view to seeing the best mode of treating them. The following methods were found satisfactory for the analysis of such mixtures. Estimation of AZcohoL-It was found that the decrease of volume observed on shaking the mixture with water saturated with ether did not represent the alcohol, as petroleum ether dissolves ether
more » ... her dissolves ether from etherized water, and the figure obtained was a resultant of the quantity of alcohol removed from the mixture, and the quantity of ether added to it. By shaking the eth8real layer a second time with water saturated with ether, the petroleum ether dissolves a quantity of ether from the etherized water equal to that dissolved on the first shaking. The difference in volume of the ethereal layer obtained by the first and second separations gives the volume of ether dissolved
doi:10.1039/an8992400201 fatcat:saknuqrborgvlnqol23xs27qbq