Immunological Characteristics of Pollen and Tick-borne Sensitization in Bishkek Population
Иммунологические особенности пыльцевой и клещевой сенсибилизации у жителей Бишкека

A. Chaldanbaeva, V. Bogdanova
2020 Bulletin of Science and Practice  
The article presents the results of a study of the prevalence of pollen allergy and allergies to house dust mites among Bishkek population in 2019. The examined patients, aged 4 to 60 years, were divided into groups according to the age periodization of a person. Identification of general and specific IgE antibodies was carried out using modern methods of laboratory diagnosis of the immunological profile. Linked Immunosorbent Assay options such as Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) and
more » ... y (CLIA) and Immunoblotting were used. The obtained results indicate a widespread sensitization of Bishkek population to pollen allergens, sensitization to house dust mite allergens is more pronounced in the form of a polyvalent allergy. There is also a tendency to increase the prevalence of allergic diseases among the country's child population. Pollinosis occupy a leading place among allergic diseases in the country due to the fact that weeds prevail in the city's natural vegetation, which are highly allergenic. Data on the incidence of allergic diseases in Kyrgyzstan, as well as abroad, do not reflect the true spread of allergies, because like most patients with mild forms of allergic diseases do not go to the doctor. Therefore, the early detection, prevention and treatment of allergic diseases is one of the most important issues of modern medicine and biology. It is necessary to create annual flowering calendars of allergenic plants. Round the clock biomonitoring of the air to monitor pollen and air disputes is necessary to inform patients with hay fever. Preventive measures for patients with sensitization to house dust mite allergens include the prevention of mass reproduction of mites, namely the reduction of dust and humidity in rooms.
doi:10.33619/2414-2948/55/12 fatcat:7g5tv7rrh5esrlpq7c3cvx3u5i