Sustained Electric Oscillations

1907 Scientific American  
The Editor is always glad to receive for examination illustrated articles on subjects of timely interest. If the photographs are sharp, the articles short, and the facts authentic, the contributions will receive special attention. Accepted articles will be paid for at regular space rates. THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN AERONAUTIC TROPHY. Despite the fact that very many inventors through out the United States are wrestling with the problem of aerial navigation by means of a true dynamic ftying machine,
more » ... that is, a machine heavier than air, no pub lic ftight has been made in this country with such a machine up to the present time. The most advanced knowledge of heavier-than-air navigation seems to be held by two young western experimenters, of whom much has been written. These men have undoubtedly made ftights with their aeroplane, and these ftights have been witnessed by a considerable number of people. The general appearance of their machine is known, and other experimenters are making good prog ress along somewhat the same lilles. We feel, therefore, that the time is ripe for the offering of a suitable trophy commemorating the con quering of the air by a heavier-than-air machine. As the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is the oldest journal in this country treating of Science and the Arts, its proprie tors feel that it is fitting that this journal should be the first to encourage the development of the latest great inventio':l-a machine that shall conquer the air. The proprietors have, therefore, decided to offer a valu able trophy for competition for heavier-than-air ftying machines.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04201907-326c fatcat:f76cvkrvffayvitss5giriabhy