Adaptive control of laser modal properties

V. Quetschke, J. Gleason, M. Rakhmanov, J. Lee, L. Zhang, K. Yoshiki Franzen, C. Leidel, G. Mueller, R. Amin, D. B. Tanner, D. H. Reitze
2006 Optics Letters  
An adaptive optical system for precise control of a laser beam's mode structure has been developed. The system uses a dynamic lens based on controlled optical path deformation in a dichroic optical element that is heated with an auxiliary laser. Our method is essentially aberration free, has high dynamic range, and can be implemented with high average power laser beams where other adaptive optics methods fail. A quantitative model agrees well with our experimental data and demonstrates the
more » ... tial of our method as a mode-matching and beam-shaping element for future large-scale gravitational wave detectors.
doi:10.1364/ol.31.000217 pmid:16441035 fatcat:c5zwxfu3qnbj5ml23lo4j6jxqa