Peace and Security Achievements and Failures

R. Higgins
1995 European journal of international law  
The history of the United Nations, 1945-1995 in the field of peace and security, would be a scholarly enterprise of several volumes. One is struck first of all by the sheer magnitude of all that has happened relating to the UN's role in peace and security during these years. The texts, the problems, the events, the attempts, the developments, the successes, the failures, the new problems -come teeming upon each other. But, looking back over the last fifty years, it seems to me that certain
more » ... e that certain trends and patterns are clearly discernible. We cannot understand where we are now, and what problems the United Nations faces today in the field of peace and security, without understanding what was intended, and what has actually occurred in the intervening period time. And only then can we explore what is happening todayand the implications for tomorrow.
doi:10.1093/ejil/6.1.445 fatcat:t4vcswdvqjgjfklntrpbg5r7hu