Dr Muhammad Osman Shahid, Dr Muhammad Mansoor Sarwer, Dr Muhammad Taimoor Sarwar
2020 Zenodo  
Diabetes is one of the main problems in health systems in the world. The world prevalence of diabetes among adults was 6.4%, and will increase to 7.7% by 2030. Currently the most common cause of neuropathy in western countries is diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy will develop in 50% of type 1 and 2 patients with diabetes. Aims and objectives: The basic aim of the study is to find the morphological characteristics between diabetic and non-diabetic local population of Pakistan. Material and methods:
more » ... erial and methods: This cross sectional study was conducted in Lahore General Hospital during 2019 to 2020. Patients with ages between 10 to 80 years of either gender who were diagnosed to have DM were recruited in the study through non probability convenience sampling. Control group comprised of age matched healthy volunteers who did not have DM (subjects with fasting blood sugar of less than 110 mg/dL). Results: We collected the data from 100 patients. Mean age of diabetic population was 54.13 ± 9.97 years (range: 30-75 years), while mean age of control group was 52.01 ± 12.10 years (range: 32-80 years). Both groups were matched in terms of age (p=0.10) and gender (p=0.19). Between group differences in mean average cell size, CV of cell size and hexagonality was statistically not significant. Conclusion: It is concluded that CED was found to be significantly lower in diabetic population as compared to healthy controls. Moreover, duration of DM was significantly correlated with type of DR, HbA1c level, CED, polymegethism and hexagonality.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4147561 fatcat:ljqpbcxvurafxncxdqr2ionnii