Can pronunciation be taught? Teaching English speech rhythm to Greek students

Eleni Tsiartsioni
This study investigates the production of features of the English rhythm by Greek learners of 10, 13 and 16 years old before and after 25 pronunciation lessons. Rhythm is approached with the PVI measure which examines vocalic and consonantal variability in a long stretch of speech. The results show a positive effect of pronunciation instruction with the 13-year-old speakers exhibiting a greater improvement than the 10-year-old ones. The comparison of these age groups with the 16-year-old
more » ... 16-year-old students is not straightforward: the latter seem to have had a different starting point, as their consonantal variability was close to L1 English before the teaching intervention.
doi:10.26262/istal.v19i0.5522 fatcat:ddhnaldq6baordlqmdahef64mm