Implications of Quantum Gravity for Dark Matter Searches with Atom Interferometers [article]

Xavier Calmet, Nathaniel Sherrill
In this brief paper, we show that atom interferometer experiments such as MAGIS, AION or AEDGE have the potential to not only probe very light dark matter models, but they will also probe quantum gravity. We show that the linear coupling of a singlet scalar dark matter particle to electrons or photons is already ruled out by our current understanding of quantum gravity coupled to data from torsion pendulum experiments. On the other hand, the quadratic coupling of scalar dark matter to electrons
more » ... and photons has a large viable parameter space which will be probed by these atom interferometers. Implications for searches of quantum gravity are discussed.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2202.01458 fatcat:tgivyei42jdxndgnmk23kn3krq