Theoretical and Experimental Research on Forge Rolling Process of Preforms From Magnesium Alloy AZ31

T. Bulzak, J. Tomczak, Z. Pater
2015 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
This paper presents results of theoretical and experimental research works on the rolling process of a lever preform from magnesium alloy AZ31. The forge rolling process of the preform was realized in the system oval-circle. The paper focuses mainly on kinematics of material flow and proper filling of rolling impressions. Research aiming at determining possibilities of faults presence in the form of cracks, overlapping and improper filling of the impressions were also conducted. During
more » ... tal research it was noticed that material cracking took place at the moment of material clamping by rolls. Moreover, it was stated that this cracking may be the result of large shearing stresses action, appearing at the moment of material clamping by rolls. Shearing stresses values were determined on the basis of numerical calculations. Next, tools were modified in order to lower tangential stresses at the moment of material clamping by rolls. The further experimental research with modified tools confirmed the rightness of the assumptions. On the basis of conducted works on the forge rolling process of magnesium alloy AZ31, it was stated that when material is clamped by tools tangential stresses intensification should not take place.
doi:10.1515/amm-2015-0072 fatcat:caen2elxmfb5bf6hclmfmajava